I worked on developing Snipit as a group project for ITSC 3155 Software Engineering at UNC Charlotte. Snipit is a Ruby on Rails web app that allows users to share short snippets of code.

Screenshot of the main page of the project

Users sign in with their GitHub account (via OAauth 2) to post snippets. Every snippet also includes a short user-provided title and what programming language it is written in. The snippet list can be filtered to show only snippets that are written in a specific language. The snippet's language is also used to apply syntax highlighting (using Prism). Users can edit or delete any snippets that they have created.

Screenshot showing the New Snippet page of the project

A live demo of this project is available. The demo site is automatically reset every 24 hours. There may be a delay on first loading the site if it hasn't been accessed recently.

As part of the class, we delivered a group presentation on the project. The slides for this presentation are also available to download.